With many homes becoming as complex as some small businesses, homeowners are taking advantage of residential IT services. With a need for accessing a secure internet connection, regular data backups, and robust cybersecurity practices, your home’s technology is important, too!

Our experts are able to assess and understand your home’s complex technology and create a customized solution to fit your budget.

Within one easy-to-follow bill, your Residential Managed Services plan will include the necessary services to keep your devices efficient and secure at a reasonable and predictable rate.

We are ready to help create a managed residential IT services plan for you with the following options:


    Regularly backup personal files such as private documents, music, and images.

  • CLOUD:

    Access files from any device including your smartphone, tablet, personal PC, or laptop.


    Installation and regular updates for security services on every device and network.


    Support on your monitored device(s) from a Residential Support Specialist to remotely solve any issue.


    Extend the life of your device dramatically and get more out of your technology investment with regular maintenance.

Ready to purchase a plan today?

Monitoring Only



Managed Antivirus
Monthly Windows Updates
1-Click Support Request
PC Health Alerts

This is a great plan for the web browsing user. We will protect and update your machine regularly to keep your system safe and secure.

Basic Support



Monitoring Only +
1-Hr Remote Support/Mo
Third-Party Software Updates
500GB Cloud Storage

This plan is best for the moderate home user. If you’re using your computer to do more than surf the web, this may be the plan for you.

*Please note that each plan includes support for up to 4 computers in each household per month. Additional computers can be added for an extra fee. Please contact us if you need support for more than 4 computers.

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